Different Kinds of Happy

Presence, part one

I read the Bible a few times back in high school and have grown pitifully lazy when it comes to reading and meditating on it on a regular basis. I admit I sometimes wonder what good it will do to read the same old familiar stories again. Nevertheless, I decided to plunge back in it after neglecting daily “quiet time” (for lack of a better term) for  years. In the one month of doing so, I’ve come to remember the value and joy of doing so. Here are notes I took tonight reading Genesis 39-40 and John 16. 

I love seeing the parallel in these passages! God’s presence was what sustained Joseph all the way through his capture, imprisonment, and success in Pharaoh’s court. It’s also what Jesus promises his followers as the ultimate treasure we will have for eternity. And in the meantime, He’s given us his Holy Spirit to comfort us for the hardships on earth and give us a foretaste of His literal presence we’ll have forever in the future. 

I’m so comforted knowing He is with me through valleys and shadows as well as victories and happy times. I won’t fear or be discouraged because he has promised more than deliverance, more than the ability to cope and survive. He’s given us his very presence. So next time I start walking down that well-worn path of anxious thoughts or am distressed by what is to come, may I chose to rest in the shadow of His wing as the Psalmist muses. Because He’s right beside me, within me. Waiting for me to turn my head and acknowledge He’s here. And then I can breathe again. Then I can rest.

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