Different Kinds of Happy

What Weeping Willow Said

Jennifer Trafton’s novel, The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, is a masterpiece. Case in point: this poem which is humbly tucked away near the end.

“I climbed a hill as high as hope;
I swam a sea as deep as dread;
I bound my fear up with a rope
To hear what weeping Williow said.

I heard her whisper through  her sighs:
‘The world has lost all dreams but one.
Though night’s dark tears may cloud your eyes,
Look —  joy is rising with the sun.

‘For fear cannot be bound with rope,
And many swimmers drown with dread;
But no one falls who climbs with hope.’
That’s what Weeping Willow said.

And so I laid my sorrows  by
And sang my beating heart to sleep.
And that, my sighing friend, is why
I’m dancing while the willows weep.

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