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In Honor of my Eight Favorite Adventurers

Here on the brink of my final day at the daycare center where I’ve worked the past year, it’s more bittersweet than I imagined it would be. While I definitely don’t regret the decision to move on to something different, I have fallen irreversibly in love with these kids. Their personalities are bigger and more complex than I thought possible for not-quite two year-olds, their tight hugs and laughter the sun of my days. I will not miss changing literally a hundred diapers a week (no joke, and this is a conservative estimate) or listening to cries or herding them like kittens in the hallway or that ridiculously long four-o-clock hour. But I will miss these kids. Maybe this is a taste of what parents feel, so much anguish and love all wrapped up together.

A few weeks ago, I was fiddling around on my guitar, and scribbled out a song that reflects my (and my sister/co-worker’s) philosophy of daycare. Forgive the lack of poetic polish, and I mean no offense to any parents who rely on daycare centers for financial stability. But feeling like a second mom, I couldn’t help but dedicate something to my little ones who, I believe, crave nothing more than presence and engagement.

In Honor of my Eight Favorite Adventurers

Little hands and laughter sweet,
Hugs and kisses all over your cheeks.
This child so small with love so free:
Hold him close.
He is your baby.

My arms can hold, and words can soothe. 
Sure,  I’m just a human being too.
But how could I ever replace

Your special presence
And the reflection of your face?

There is no gift so dear as time
And you’re always,
All day on his mind.
Whether on the play phones
Or when he falls,
It’s only “mommy” that he ever calls.

Mama, hold me close,
I am your baby.

I’m taking my guitar in tomorrow to sing it for them.

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2 thoughts on “In Honor of my Eight Favorite Adventurers

  1. Kathleen on said:

    Anissa, I keep a box for Ben with his first pieces of art work and other little things that he may like to see later. I’m going to print this and add it in. I always felt that you, Anissa and the other wonderful people at the ICCC have been very special and the love that you’ve given will always be a part of him. Thank you for that wonderful gift. While he may always say Mama, he hasn’t yet forgotten his ‘Nissa. The Brown Bear book he has is well loved (and now laminated) and when we get to your picture and Kirsten’s he always says your name and is always excited to read his book. Thank you could never be enough for someone who’s cared for my son, but it’s the best I have. Best always,

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