Different Kinds of Happy

Something else to read

“The world and all of us in it are half in love with our own destruction and thus mad. The world and all of us in it are hungry to devour each other and ourselves and thus lost. That is not just a preacher’s truth, a rhetorical truth, a Sunday School truth. Listen to the evening news. Watch television. Read the novels and histories and plays of our time. Read part of what there is to read in every human face including my face and your faces. But every once in a while in the world, and every once in a while in ourselves, there is something else to read–there are places and times, inner ones and outer ones, where something like peace happens, love happens, light happens as it happened for me that night I got home. And when they happen, we should hold on to them for dear life, because of course they are dear life. They are glimpses and whispers from afar: that peace, light, love are where life ultimately comes from, that deeper down than madness and lostness they are what at its heart life is. By faith we know this, and I think only faith, because there is no other way to know it.”

-Frederick Buechner, A Room Called Remember

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