Different Kinds of Happy


Excessive sugar consumption can make for some strange poetry. You have been warned.

A bowl of chocolate ice cream
And later desire to bake
Formed lethal combination.
A sea of sugar now swirls merrily in my stomach,
My eyes, wide awake at this late hour.
What makes artificially induced
Bursts of energy
Worth the crash which is,
No doubt, impending?
How many granules of turbinado sugar—
Amber sand on the shores
Where Willy Wonka sips saccharine juice
And frolics in fields of gum drops—
Can gladden the heart as much as the tongue?
I fear my tolerance is far too high.
Rows of cupcakes now rest,
Waiting to usher their next victim
Into the blissful land of sugar
Which captivates and blesses
Then sets him back down
To dream of oceans of chocolate.

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