Different Kinds of Happy

Various Realizations

I may not formally be a student anymore, but I’m still learning new things every day. Some of my most recent realizations:

1. I am terrible at title-making. See above.

2. Unless you have a Samurai sword, don’t attempt to cut raw acorn squash.

3. Children under the age of two are capable of deception and cleverness. On a buggy ride yesterday at work, one of the boys kept saying he saw a squirrel. The first two instances, I saw them, too. The third time he said “qwoor’l! qwoor’l” I couldn’t spot one anywhere. As we walked on, he leaned over to his friend and said “no qwoor’l” and proceeded to laugh. Every day, I am humbled in small ways.

Equally unrelated, another poem. Some day, I will discipline myself and write one that rhymes, but probably not anytime soon. Writing free verse is strangely addictive.

Under this grand blue tent
Stretching from horizon to horizon,
We work, play, eat.
Glow by day grants light for craftsmen,
Pearl by night reveals midnight feast for owls.
And diamonds that pierce the night
Are gazed at, wished upon,
Marveled at, photographed.
All is seen by all,
Not to make us feel like just another dot in the cosmos
But to show we belong.
This shared experience
Of tilting our heads back
And seeing the same tent
Is an odd but real bond
Between the most powerful king
And an orphan in a slum,
Between friend apart from friend.
And when memories are little comfort,
Or the world seems vast and impersonal–
Seas of dark faces and shoes trudging in time with traffic–
Raising our eyes up can be the tiniest
But most powerful reminder,
That someone else
Is looking, too.

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2 thoughts on “Various Realizations

  1. The free verse of a lot of amateur poets is cringe-worthy, but I think your awareness of rhythm and sound helps you keep a handle on it. Love this one!

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