Different Kinds of Happy

The Better Question

Why write?

Why say what’s been said

A thousand other ways?

Why waste precious ink on another worn-out metaphor,

Another narrative torn from an ancient template

That sits and sighs, over-used?

This question looms over page—

A shadow, casting accusations and reminders

Of my limited experience.

My hand pauses midair over page;

Thoughts of eternity and yesterday,

And the song dancing through my head

Swirl together — fast and bright.

And I wonder,

Is this path I tread

Worth recounting?

Are the joys and sorrows

Of just another day

Veritable literature

To be enshrined in the miles of classics

And the heart of a reader?

There are no answers smiling firm and sure.

And yet.

What is a blessing if not to be exhaled,


What is grief if left to churn bitterly

And never be strung out—

Catharsis and commiseration?

What’s an idea shaking the bars of its cage?

Posterity’s daunting

And freeing.

But the story longs to be told,

Beauty and truth seep through all corners of creation.

Why not my pen, too?

Why not?

Perhaps this is the better question.

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One thought on “The Better Question

  1. “Beauty and truth seep through all corners of creation. / Why not my pen, too?” Looking forward to more poetry!

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