Different Kinds of Happy


The fingertips on my left hand sting as I peck away on my keyboard.  The formerly spoiled fingers are now reddened and slightly calloused, sensitive and yearning for one of those damp, warm towels those blessed flight attendants distribute on international flights. But it’s a sweet pain, like an ugly purple bruise you proudly wear. After a month or so of saving up money and researching brands and models, I finally purchased this beautiful Fender:About a year ago, I decided it was time to learn a new instrument since I started taking piano lessons at age seven and reached a plateau in my skill and interest levels. I will always enjoy tickling the ivories especially when my fingertips need a break, but the guitar has always held an irresistible appeal for me because it provides portable accompaniment for singing. I’m much more likely to sing while lounging on the couch or the floor than upright at a wooden bench. Plus, I wanted a new musical challenge and quite frankly a new hobby since I’m only working part time. This will be an interesting adventure because I am essentially teaching myself, relying on youtube instructional videos and my own common sense and musical knowledge. So far, I’ve tentatively mastered five chords—C, D, E, G, and A.  (Shout out to my wonderful Youtube instructor, Justin Sandercoe!). While I have no aspirations or expectations to become the next guitar legend (ahem, Tommy Emmanuel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S33tWZqXhnk), musicians like him inspire me to play from my heart and let my love of music flow out of my fingers instead of being paralyzed by my natural tendency to reduce playing to simply accurate-as-possible notes and rhythms.  In Mr. Holland’s Opus, Mr. Holland tells a dejected clarinet student to “play the sunset.” Of course it will take lots of time to soak in theory and develop my technical skills before having the freedom to engage with music on a purely artistic and personal level.  In any case, I’m excited to see where this new journey takes me and how much more I will appreciate the acoustic accompaniment to so many songs I only ever lent my voice to.

Now to think of the perfect name for it…

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