Different Kinds of Happy

Verbs and paradox

Oftentimes when showering, I sing or think about plans for tomorrow or about how delicious peanut butter is or why the words on the back of the shampoo bottle are worded the way they are. Sometimes, I think about nothing at all and just revel in the joy of getting clean, escaping for five or ten glorious minutes to the extent of my “nothing box” before returning to reality.

But other times, I have profound thoughts about the mysteries of the universe. The other day in the shower, I was thinking about the Spanish versbs ser and estar. (Please forgive any grammar nerdiness that follows.) Both infinitives mean “to be,” but are used in different contexts. Ser is used to refer to a permanent state of being (as in “Soy una chica” –“I am a girl”), whereas estar is used to describe a temporary state of being, one that’s subject to change (“El perro esta debajo de la mesa” — “The dog is under the table”.)  The more I pondered these verbs (doesn’t everyone ponder verbs?), another thought emerged in my mind.  God seems to embody both of these verbs simultaneously: He’s both unchanging and yet dynamically expresses his incomprehensible beauty and love in the world day by day. Permanent yet active.  He is the God of paradox after all. Why would He be limited by man-made grammatical distinctions?

Perhaps random epiphanies in the shower are unreliable. All that steam can cloud judgment. But once in a while, it’s fun to indulge in thoughts beyond a critique of how uncreative shampoo instructions are …

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One thought on “Verbs and paradox

  1. Good stuff, Nezzy! 🙂

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