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Throwback Thursday: Snapshots of Italy

I kept a journal every day during the semester in Italy two years ago. I wish I could return to San Lorenzo where Venice was only an hour train ride away, gelaterias were on nearly every street corner, and good friends were with me all the time. Skimming my journal this morning, I was transported back to the cobblestone streets and afternoons of riposo (3 hours of rest that Italians observe every afternoon. It’s brilliant.) Here are a few entries that might give you a similar taste of one of my favorite places on earth.

February 21, 2011: As I glance around the lounge, the community I have grown to love so much in these three weeks quietly waits for lunch. A few people are clicking away on their laptops or reading. Half of us are napping in the coolness of the afternoon. The gentle acoustic melody floats under Charissa’s fingers and she sings an unintentional lullaby to the sleepers. All of us are eagerly anticipating the bell’s happy ring. Even in these moments, I see profound meaning. The close-knit community is stronger here at SBI than at Bryan. Of course it’s nice to have multiple friends, different people to spend time with on any given day. But living with the same group of people for a concentrated period of time is so refreshing. If it’s supposed to get difficult at some point, that point has not yet come.

April 8: This morning, Katelyn, Lia, Garret, Brian, Lauren and I took the train to Trieste where we hopped on a bus to Koper, Slovenia. We had pretty low expectations because Garrett found it on Wikipedia. (True story.) But as the day wore on, the fun only grew. From miles of walking along the coast of the Adriatic Sea to letting our inner child out on the playground to watermelon gelato to finding inexpensive summery clothes in H&M, to delicious pizza in the mall, to laughing about every Slovene sign with a million “j”s, the day was an unexpected joy.

sunset over the vineyards in San Lorenzo

Venice, the magical place that makes everyone feel like a professional photographer.

The Koper crew imitating dramatic Italian mannequinsImage

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  1. hailthewarrior on said:

    Koper. ❤

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